Jim Wilson
MPP Simcoe - Grey
Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1990.

For the last 25 years, he’s worked hard every single day to represent the people of Simcoe-Grey.

His reputation as a strong supporter of local concerns was reaffirmed after his first election when he became well-known across Ontario for his fight to expand dialysis treatment, which resulted in the establishment of satellite clinics in Collingwood and Alliston.

Jim has championed several local projects, including: helping to restore birthing services at Stevenson Memorial Hospital; the redevelopment of Highway 26 from Stayner to Collingwood; the approval of an expansion at Collingwood General and Marine Hospital; saving the homestead of Sir Frederick Banting, and restoring medical laboratory services in Stayner, Tottenham and Elmvale, and winning an expansion of services in Wasaga Beach.

Today, Jim is lobbying the government to approve a redevelopment of Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, as well as Alliston’s Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Jim is also an ardent supporter of local farmers, and rural landowners against industrial wind turbines. Jim is also proud to support Wasaga Beach in its fight to secure a local high school.

At Queen’s Park, Jim has served as Ontario’s Minister of Health; Minister of Energy, Science and Technology; Minister of Northern Development and Mines, and Minister of the Environment.

In July 2014, he was elected by his PC Caucus colleagues as Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

In May 2015, he was selected by PC Leader Patrick Brown to serve as Interim Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Ontario Legislature.

After PC Leader Patrick Brown won a seat in the Ontario Legislature in September 2015, Jim returned to his role as House Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Jim loves this role as it allows him to draw on his vast experience in provincial politics. As House Leader, Jim is in charge of his party’s day-to-day business in the legislature. He also negotiates with other parties to determine what bills and debates are presented in the house.

Raised in Alliston and a resident of Wasaga Beach, Jim's family has lived in Simcoe-Grey for more than 200 years; a riding he continues to proudly serve as their unwavering Member of Provincial Parliament.







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