Jim Wilson
MPP Simcoe - Grey

Wilson calls on government to finish Highway 26
April 04, 2017

Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is calling on the provincial government to finish the last leg of the new Highway 26, at the east end of Collingwood.

During a Member's Statement in the Ontario Legislature yesterday, Wilson said the delay in finishing the work is holding up job creation and economic development.

"Today I'm calling on the province to pay for and finish the five-laning into town and extend Sir Sandford Fleming Drive through to Highway 26, a move that will spur significant commercial development in the area," Wilson said. "This development will result in the creation of more than 70 new jobs."

He said the issue with the highway has been unsolved now for five years, saying that is totally unacceptable.

"I've written to the minister on several occasions about this matter but apparently common courtesy has gone out the window as I can't seem to get a response," Wilson said. "Enough is enough. The time for the government to finish the job is now."

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